Sports Study
Sports Section Project - 6th to 3rd

The idea of ​​creating a Sport study in partnership with the Henri Wallon college was born from a striking observation: the geographical proximity between two educational structures, the Henri Wallon college and the Youth Sports Association of Aubervilliers (ASJA). Indeed, the first is located at 146 rue des cités in Aubervilliers while the second has its head office at 162 of the same street… Moreover, both the college and the football club use the Dr Pyere stadium. Indeed, this stadium being close to the gymnasium belonging to the Henri Wallon school complex, it is a privileged municipal sports facility within the framework of PE courses given at the college but also used as a support for sports practice within the Sports Association of this same establishment.

Moreover, this stadium is the one mainly used by ASJA for the training of its youth teams as well as for its matches. In addition to the simple geographical proximity, it is the fact that many of the young people attending the ASJA teams are also students of the Henri Wallon college that challenged us.

There was therefore a real opportunity for partnership between two structures that welcome the same public in different circumstances but pursue common objectives related to the education and development of these young student-football players. On both sides, the actions undertaken go in the direction of support that is intended to be as broad as possible. Indeed, for several years the ASJA has been involved in the educational follow-up of the players who attend it by setting up, for example, workshops to help with homework for players who need it. In the same way, the Henri Wallon college establishment project pursues as strong axes the objectives of “promotion of artistic and cultural excellence” and “development of ambition among students” which are relayed among others within the EPS pedagogical project and the College Sports Association project.
This project therefore carries the prospect of greater continuity of educational and sporting action through the desire to involve the greatest number of partners around the young people concerned, in order both to pursue the joint desires to improve the sports pre-training of the young footballer but also and above all to supervise his academic success and to avoid any type of dropout.


Faced with these findings and after several discussions between the actors of ASJA and the Henri Wallon college, three priority objectives appear and are broken down into several sub-objectives:

Ensure educational continuity in the follow-up of the student

– increase communication and exchange between the various stakeholders (family, school life, teachers, club,) with the student so as to prevent possible difficulties

– implementation of appropriate support systems that respect the rhythm of the latter.< /i>

Improve the pre-training of the young soccer player by increasing the weekly volume of training while taking into account the rhythm of it

– quantitatively and qualitatively increase the training of the young player

– participate in UNSS Championships

– make young players aware of the practice of refereeing thanks to the training of all in the role of young official (UNSS) < /span>

– complete the teaching provided during PE courses through their specialty

Use the sports lever as a source of academic motivation in order to fight against any type of dropout

– use sports practice as a source of motivation for school work.

– implementation of transversal works to other activities

– involve the student in the life of his establishment, in particular through his participation in the AS

Project description


The recruitment of students welcomed within the sport study will be done in two parts, a sports selection of about twenty players per class level over a day during which young people (for whom a registration file has been submitted upstream) will be selected on the basis of sporting criteria (technical, tactical and physical) by a jury made up of specialists (educators graduates of the club, PE teachers specialists, etc).

A second phase of selection will focus on retaining only 12 students maximum per class level following the study of school records (behaviour , school level, etc.). As far as possible, we will only retain students with no academic delay so that they belong to the category U13 (FFF) and youngest (UNSS).< /b>


Students of study sport will therefore follow two additional training sessions which will be necessary outside of the club’s training slots.< /p>

One ​​of these training sessions will exclusively concern these students (classes of 6th to 3th will be aligned with a permanence slot so as to be able to free the students from study sport for training. The objectives of this training will be specific to the needs of the players in this section with a view to optimizing their training and will respond to a program annual proposed in consultation with the managers of the U13 and U14 category of ASJA.

The second training slot will concern all “youngest” registered with AS and regularly participating in UNSS football competitions. This less specific training will nevertheless be essential with a view to improving and preparing for UNSS meetings.

UNSS sports competitions

The pupils belonging to the class will be obligatorily licensed at the Sports Association of the Henri Wallon college with which they will take part in football competitions at 7 but also in certain “big events” organized by the UNSS (cross, college games, etc.) .

As a reminder, this licensing requires the player to provide a file including:

– standard parental authorization

– a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice or a photocopy of the club’s license

– 1 passport photo

– 20 euros paid by the club

In this way, the players will be covered by the association’s insurance, will have their trips to competitions covered by the association and will be able to participate at a lower cost in certain outings (Parc Astérix, Jablines leisure base, etc. .).

School follow-up

Already set out in the priority objectives of sport study, particular importance will be given to the educational follow-up of the students concerned. In consultation with ASJA educators, students whose school results are not sufficient may be temporarily suspended from training. These same students will then be referred to the teaching assistants to reinforce their delay and remedy their emerging difficulties before they crystallize.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that maintaining pupils in this system depends closely on the behavior in progress but also in the establishment and on the land (whether in UNSS or with ASJA). Temporary or permanent exclusion measures from study sport may be taken in the event of inappropriate behavior.

In addition, students, their parents, but also the club and the establishment must sign the charter of the sports section at the start of the school year .

Medical monitoring

A medical certificate of aptitude for the competitive practice of the activity will be required to follow the lessons of the school sports section.

Students should, as far as possible, benefit from two annual medical visits and a local medical environment.

Follow-up is provided by the establishment’s doctor

Study Sports Coordinator : BRANGER Roman

Sports Coach of the AS Jeunesse Aubervilliers club: KARACAYAN Arto

Annual Actions :

Annual visit to a professional football club training center

Intervention by training center coaches or professional players